Hoya 82mm UX UV II Filter


Filter Size : 82mm
Coating Layers : 10 layers
Anti-Reflection Coating : Yes
Water & Oil Repellent Coating : Yes
Stain Resistent : No
Super Scratch-Resistant Coating : No
Antistatic Coating : No
Hardened Glass : No
UV Cut Ability : Yes
Transmittance EV correction : 98.8%
Frame Material : Aluminum



The UX II UV filter with water repellent coating is a redesign of the HMC UV(C) filter, now integrated into the new standard class UX II series along with the UX II CIR-PL filter. The UX II UV filter is a completely new concept design product targeting the entry class users and providing high quality standards with basic and contemporary functions.
“UX” in the series name stands for “User eXperience”, as to indicate all the experiences that users will acquire through using these filters and all that comes with. By naming this series UX, we aim to offer users better individual experiences through all the activities connected with photography.
Though not visible to the naked eyes, UV rays may affect the image when shooting in locations like seaside or mountainous environments, resulting in blurred contours or faded and whitish images.
UV filters can suppress the UV spectrum contained in daylight that mainly causes poor effects on the images. This filter can be used with both film and digital cameras, and assures more vivid images. In addition, by keeping it constantly attached, this filter serve as everyday lens protection.




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