K&F 82mm Black Mist Diffusion Effect Filter 1/4 Nano-X Series

Ultra slim frame protruding only 3 mm which avoids vignetting and dark corners
Double threaded to attach and stack to combine with other filters
High-quality aircraft aluminium frame construction
Japanese high precision optical glass with double-sided polishing
Multi-layer coating for extra light transmission and reduced reflections
Double sided coatings are waterproof, scratch resistant and oil-resistant
Includes carrying case which protects against scratches when carried in camera bag



Give your photos a softer more vintage filmic look right in camera with a black diffusion filter

Digital cameras have a distinct look about the images they create. There are a few characteristics which define them. Generally, they are sharp, with a broad range of coverage of the light values from bright to dark. These factors make for great snapshots. Digital cameras are designed to photocopy what is in front of them, but their automatic modes have no ability to reproduce mood and atmosphere. You can greatly enhance these characteristics within your images by dialling in settings manually and shooting through an effect filter like this black diffusion filter for a pro mist result.

If you are looking to give your images a unique look and style, a black diffusion filter may be a great option for you. It changes some of the key characteristics of a modern digital camera image. Firstly, it diffuses the image. The coatings on the filter slightly softens the image. A soft image is not the same as an out of focus image. Softening filters have been used in cinema for decades. This removes some of the harshness of a modern camera. It preserves the sharp focus but reduces some fine details. This is particularly good for capturing skin in a more forgiving way and make objects appear more glamorous as imperfections are blended and minimised. This can make it great for fashion and beauty applications.

The second effect the filter has is to bloom light sources. An additional effect of the filter’s diffusion is to create a glow around light sources. If a light or neon tube is in the shot it gets a dreamy glow effect or “bloom”. This is very impactful in street photography at night (think Blade Runner). The combination of these two characteristics are images which appear lower in overall contrast. You can underexpose shots for richer blacks which helps to create mystery, while the bloomed highlights have such smooth graduation in tone so that the resultant contrast is more like a vintage filmic look.

The effects of this filter are well suited to stylised product photography, portraits, landscapes, narrative story telling work and urban street photography. As it impacts the look of light sources so strongly it is most effective in night shots, its characteristics can be more subdued in daylight shooting. Because of its stylised look it is less suited to news, documentary or reviews.

The effect created by a black diffusion filter has been so popular that digital editing has tried recreating it in various forms. A popular image editing technique called the Orton Effect works to emulate the look created by a Black Pro Mist or this black diffusion filter. You will always get a better effect in camera than doing it after the fact in post processing.

These filters come in a variety of strengths. These are 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1. The filter with the least intense or pronounced effect is the 1/8 version. Each progressive density provides more of an effect and highlight reduction, allowing for a progressively soft, pastel-like quality of light and bloomed highlights.
The 1/8 is a popular choice as the effect is subtle and not overwhelming.
This 1/4 is very commonly used as it has a more obvious effect without being overwhelming or distracting.
The 1/2 option is a strong effect and is obvious. For this reason, the 1/2 and 1 strength are used more sparingly as they create a very or even overly stylised look. It is a great and a dramatic effect, however it may not be suited to every situation unless a dream like quality is desired.




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