Godox TL60 RGB Tube Light


Colour Black
Shape Round
Finish Type Natural
Light Source Type Led
Power Source Battery Powered

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🏆【Accurate color rendition】Its 29.5″ length and 1.9″ diameter make mounting it unobtrusively, or even gaffer-taping it an option. It has a wand-like shape, so it just about begs to be handheld. With a CRI of 96 and a TLCI rating of 98, it produces highly accurate color renditions and delivers pristine and natural results, greatly saving your post-production time. You can adjust the color temperature from 2700 to 6500K, and dim the light from 0% to 100%.
🏆【HSI/RGB/FX Modes】 The Godox TL60i allows you to be more flexible in your filmmaking, providing multiple lighting modes to suit your needs. In addition to HSI Color Mode, the Godox TL60 allows you to adjust the light color via RGB Mode, change the color temperature via CCT mode, or use built-in 39 preset lighting effects via FX Mode.
🏆【4 control options, dual power solutions】 The Godox TL60 comes with a multitude of control options including on-board, a dedicated remote, a smartphone app, or DMX control. Depending on the configuration you need and features both an internal lithium-ion battery as well as external AC power options to power the light.
🏆【More App Features】 The Godox Light APP Supports Android and iOS systems. It allows for finer control of the light’s HSI, CCT, and FX functions. There are a collection of LEE & ROSCO color filters available, and the color picker supports you to simply point your phone’s camera at a color, capture it, and your light will reproduce it instantly.
🏆【3 kits are available for your options】 The Godox TL60 comes in 3 kits which contain one, two, or four Godox TL60 LED lights. The benefits of a single tube light for things like light painting are quite obvious, but where the Godox TL60 really seems to shine is in its creative setups comprised of many tubes all working together to form a single cohesive display, all of which can be independently controlled remotely from the 2.4Ghz remote, smartphone app or DMX control.




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