Evoke 900C Spot Light with Trolly Case


Powerful output of 12940 lux@3m
CCT of 1800K-20000K
NL Mount
IP55 for both fixture and power supply
Different control methods
Dimming from 0-100% in 0.1% increments
Excellent fan control with a noise level of 25dbA in 100% Smart mode
Gel Mode with 151 LEE gels
15 built-in effects to simulate lighting effects
power supply comes with a quick-release



The Nanlux Evoke 900C is a compact light with a powerful output and a wide color spectrum. Despite its low weight of 7.7kg (light fixture only), it can still boast a staggering output of 12940 lux@3m (with a 45° reflector at 5600K). The LED comes with the state-of-the-art RGBLAC six-color mixing system that adds lime, amber, and cyan based on the primary RGB colors and reaches a new altitude in color accuracy. The RGBLAC color mixing technology provides more color options and an ultra-wide 1800K-20000K CCT range with G/M ±200 adjustment. Thanks to this technology, it produces excellent color rendering compared to other RGB/RGBW/RGBWWW LED’s. Evoke 900C is delivers an average CRI/TLCI of 96/96 and TM-30 Rg average of 94/TM-30 Rf average of 100.

The light provides great ease of operation, with all parameters and shifts visible on display. With an upgraded 3.5-inch full-color screen, 4-buttons, and 3-knobs UI design, tuning is simple and straightforward.

When it comes to control, the light is designed with lighting technicians in mind and provides more comprehensive wired and wireless control methods to offer more flexibility for creators based on the actual lighting scenarios. With the new Evoke 900C, users can choose between several different control methods: On-board, Remote Controller, Nanlink APP, DMX/RDM, LumenRadio CRMX, Art-Net/sACN, and Wire Control.

The dimmer can be fine-tuned from 0-100% in 0.1% increments with great smoothness, and sudden jumps in the low output range between 0 and 1% are effectively eliminated. Five dimming curves are available via DMX control and perfectly match the industry standard’s control requirements: linear, exponent, logarithm, S-curve, gamma 2.2. Apart from standard CCT, the Evoke 900C also incorporates more advanced color modes such as Advanced HSI, RGBW, XY, and GEL.

The LED’s construction and design are made with professional use in mind. Both the fixture and power supply are IP55 rated to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. It incorporates a new generation of adjustable fan control systems with four different modes to choose from depending on the shooting scenario: Smart, Full Speed, Low Speed, and Off. When shooting in 100% Smart mode, the noise level is at 25dBA. The yoke has a 15° tilt adjustment to make it easier with modifiers attached.

The Nanlux Evoke 900C is not only built to deliver exceptional performance but also to withstand tough environmental conditions. The fixture’s construction and design are made to ensure reliability and durability, making it perfect for use in a variety of settings, including outdoor or wet weather shooting. The fixture is IP55 rated, providing superior resistance to water, dust, and other elements. With this weather-resistant feature, users can confidently use the Evoke 900C in any weather condition without worrying about damaging the light. Whether shooting in extreme heat, cold, or wet weather conditions, this fixture is built to handle it all.




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