• 2 extendible carbon legs (3 sections), lightweight, high stability
  • Flexible central column – can be switched from vertical to horizontal
  • Maximum load: 12 kg
  • Central column can be inverted and features a hook for adding additional weight to increase stability
  • Box contents: tripod with screw lock, carry case, strap, spiked feet


Benro C2970T FlexPod (Versatile) carbon tripod with flexible central column With the tripod legs (8-layer carbon) and the tripod body made mostly of magnesium, the Classic series is very stable and resilient. The tripods are easily transportable thanks to their lightweight design, and can be assembled or disassembled quickly and easily by means of the specially developed anti-twist leg locking system (twist lock). The central column is fitted with a hook and can also be inserted into the tripod body from below. The screw on the tripod plate (top of the central column) has a 3/8-inch screw thread on one side and a 1/4 -inch screw thread on the other side. So any ball head can be screwed onto the tripod. One tripod leg is equipped with the uppermost segment with a foam handle. The rubber feet can be unscrewed and replaced with spikes. A high-quality tripod bag with strap and spikes is also included with the tripod.The special thing about this series is that you not only vertically adjust the central column, as in ordinary tripods, but you can also use them infinitely vertically. You have a large adjustment range of the camera. The versatile series is suitable especially for the macrophotography because you can place the object very close to the camera. The C2570T has 2 extensions (3 segments) and can be extended up to a height of 1690 mm (including the central column). With a net weight of 1.63 kg, it can support a weight of 12 kg. For this tripod, we recommend the Benro B2 ball head.




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