Barndoors for MixWand II 18 with diffuser


Color Temperature: 3200 to 5600K
0 to 100% Dimming, CRI 95, TLCI 93
100-240 VAC Adapter, Carry Case
Announced Date: 10 January 2020
Country of Origin: China



MixWand 18 RGB LED Wand Light
360 Colors
Special Lighting effect
Light Painting Tool

Six Funstional Schemas
Spend less time to create a variety of magic lighting effects.

Creative Light Painting
Set your photography camera to long exposure mode and wave the light behind the object to create artistic light painting photography.

Soft Light Mode
Soften and spread the light and produce a nice even light.

Hard Light Mode
Produce strong penetrating power and perfect for improving image sharp and having a distant outline.

Adjustable Brightness
The MixWand 18’s control knobs enable you to dial in brightness from 0-100%.

Adjustable Bi-color lighting
Adjustable Bi-color lighting from 3200K to 5600K allows you to creat different atmosphere.

Three LED Light Sources In One Wand
Switch between a “traditional” multi-LED source producing a harder light; surface mount (SMD) LEDs that provide a soft light, and Red, Green and Blue LEDs which can be mixed to create more than 360 colors at the touch of a button.

Friendly Usage
Standard 1/4* mount for most accessories such as a light stand or a tripod.

Special handle design allows to hold the light easier and tighter to get the perfect shoot.

Power Anywhere
Giving you the flexibility to use a separately purchased NP-F-type battery when mains power is unavailable.




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