Enables quick rotation of camera between portrait and landscape orientation
Provides a more stable center of gravity
No need to remove from tripod clamp to re-position
Features tactile indicators at 0, 90, and 180 degrees for level images
Compatible with all tripods thanks to Arca Swiss-compatible foot or the 1/4″ mount
Quickly change lenses without needing to remove the Wizard or remove the camera from a tripod
Fully compatible with all tilt and articulating screens
Compatible with Sony Mirrorless



The NiSi Wizard is the perfect solution for photographers and content creators who frequently shoot in both horizontal and vertical formats.

The Wizard is a rotating collar that attaches to your camera body, allowing you to easily switch between portrait and landscape orientation without having to remove it from your tripod head. This feature is particularly useful for landscape photographers, real estate photographers, and studio portrait photographers who need to quickly change their camera’s orientation.

Unlike traditional L-brackets, the NiSi Wizard is designed to work seamlessly with cameras that have fully articulating screens, allowing you to position your screen without any compromise. When positioned at 180 degrees, the Wizard can also be used for low-angle or macro shooting.

The NiSi Wizard features tactile indicators at 0°, 90°, and 180° to ensure that your alignment is always maintained. Additionally, the camera is mounted with the sensor positioned in the center of the Wizard, ensuring that the center point of your image is always maintained. It features a rubber ring on the inside of the Wizard to ensure lenses are always protected.




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