NiSi Wizard W-82M


Allows quick rotation of the camera between portrait and landscape orientation
Provides a more stable centre of gravity
No need to remove it from the tripod clamp to reposition it
Tactile indicators at 0, 90 and 180 degrees for smooth images.
Compatible with all tripods thanks to Arca Swiss compatible foot or 1/4″ connection.
Fully compatible with all tilt and articulating screens



The outer diameter of the lens mount must be smaller than the inner diameter of the WIZARD. The internal diameter of the NiSi Wizard W-82 is 82 mm – it is not possible to mount lenses with an external mount diameter greater than 82 mm. To check lens compatibility, measure around the lens near the mount to ensure that it is less than 82 mm.

The difference with the W-82D is the shorter tripod attachment plate in the W-82M version compared to the W-82D. This makes the Wizard W-82M recommended for Mirroless camera bodies.
To check lens compatibility, please measure around the lens near the mount to ensure it is less than 82mm.